Air Freshener

An Aromatherapy Air Freshener Is Naturally Better.

When you think about the kinds of odors we try to eliminate from our home, many of them are natural ones. Think dog smells, stinky gym shoes, cigarette smoke and the smelly remnants of garlic shrimp lingering in the air. Doesn’t it then make sense to attack these natural odors with natural remedies?

Aromatherapy air fresheners are logical solutions and they really do pack a punch when used properly. The uninitiated could be forgiven for thinking that they’re a weak excuse for a good, hardy industrial strength spray products, but in a home environment, that’s definitely overkill. Besides, aromatherapy air fresheners smell a good deal better than any synthetic concoction that can be stirred up in a lab. 

Natural solutions for natural problems

There are even added benefits to using aromatherapy air fresheners over chemical ones. • Irritant free – commercial, non-natural air fresheners contain ingredients that prolong the life of the product and help it to disperse through the air. Often, these can irritate people’s noses or cause breathing issues. • Special properties – various fragrances can positively affect people who inhale them. Peppermint, for instance can have a revitalization effect and can stimulate and revive. Lavender is relaxing and calming and helps alleviate anxiety. Citrus encourages alertness. You don’t buy those qualities in a can! You can turn fragrances into aromatherapy air fresheners in ways that not only infuse the air with perfume, but also look pretty and inviting. Heating essential oils over a tea light candle sends delicious aromas through the air. Burning aromatherapy candles is just as effective and you can place as many as you like through a room, though you must be mindful of safety and keep an eye on them as they burn down. Freshening the air isn’t just something you do to remove bad odors. It’s even a lovely idea to do it for no particular reason, or perhaps to show someone you care by creating a welcoming environment for them. You can use perfumed essential oils when performing a massage or give them as a gift. A couple of bottles of oils wrapped in a soft, fluffy towel doesn’t cost much more than a single long stemmed rose but demonstrates that a lot of thought went into the gift. Practical doesn’t translate to boring. Clever uses for aromatherapy air fresheners: • Add lavender and rosemary oil to a cotton ball and place in your car’s ashtray. Leave road rage to other poor souls who don’t know this tip. • Dab some drops of white musk along the top frill of curtains and as the room warms, the fragrance will float through the air, adding a sense of romance. • Burn citrus scented candles when children are doing their homework. The aroma will provide a freshness and will increase alertness. • Add oil of chamomile to the final rinse water when washing baby’s linens. Chamomile is particularly effective in calming over-tired children and is also useful for teething pain and infantile colic. Before you reach for that ugly spray can containing a cocktail chemical, consider using aromatherapy air fresheners, for your family’s sake and for the pure, natural beauty of a room full of natural fragrance.