Aromatherapy Bath Salts

It’s the old familiar story. You walk in from a crazy day at work, it’s been raining on your way home, you’ve fought with traffic, engaged in a little road rage, dropped your groceries on the way into the house, you’re damp, tired and just want to climb into bed and sleep.Somehow you have to take care of a little matter called personal hygiene! 

What will you sprinkle in tonight?

You could take a quick shower, soap yourself up and be done with it. OR … you could languish away an hour in the tub away from family demands, inhaling the mind calming fragrance of some lovely aromatherapy bath salts. There’s nothing like a touch of heaven in your bathroom to wash away the stresses of the day. Relaxation is something many of us see as a low priority, yet it is essential to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Every day we should allow ourselves the opportunity to recharge the body and mind, even if just for half an hour in the evening. Aromatherapy bath salts added to the water send wonderful perfumes wafting through the atmosphere, and by closing your eyes and simply breathing gently, you derive special benefits. With your body practically weightless under the surface, and your muscles relieved of their duties for a short time, you are free to enjoy the emotion-enhancing qualities of your salts of choice. Some aromatherapy bath salts are designed to relax, to help you chill out and drift into a dreamily calm state. Others are formulated to revive and stimulate, perfect for when you have plans for the evening and need a refresher to perk you up and back to life. Still others serve a much more simple purpose. If you absolutely love the scent of a particular fragrance, it can only do you a world of good to add it to your bath water. Luxuriating ensconced in a perfumed environment is not only decadent, but should be on your to-do list! There are also aromatherapy bath salts intended for healing purposes. Rich in mineral content, they often originate from mud or clay. The skin feels softer and aching muscles are noticeably improved. Mineral salts can come from exotic reaches of the world, or more affordably, created closer to home. You can make your own aromatherapy bath salts to enjoy yourself or to give away as gifts. Handmade gifts are always popular and show that you really care about the recipient. By keeping in mind their lifestyle and personality, you can create highly personalized recipes they’ll adore. The kinds of ingredients to consider are the basics such as Epsom salts and sea salt, plus a vast array of fragrant additives from herbs and spices to essential oils and fresh botanicals. Choose from natural eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender and dozens of other flowers; rosemary, thyme and lemongrass from the herb families; and cloves and cinnamon for a spicy kick! You can also create a summer spritzer version of a favorite fragrance combination by mixing the ingredients through water and decanting into a spray bottle. Turn your bathroom into a day spa. You can create a sanctuary for yourself where you can think, meditate, reflect on the day or switch off entirely. Lock the door, play some music appropriate to your mood and don’t come out until you’re good and ready